ECO-EZY SDN BHD, established in 2009 as an energy efficient (EE) solution provider with main objective of promoting green environmental concept.

We started off by selling sensors and light-sensors from our German partner in 1995. We then obtained technology know-how from our Danish partner in 2001. We were trained in Denmark and became pioneer in designing Sensor Lighting Control solution in Malaysia since 2001 to meet different requirements in the buildings.

In the event of LED lighting development, we have extended the solution to LED lamps and provide better services as a total solution for lighting system. We have made lighting design solution never the same again. We pioneered the solution design concept with the blend of aspects on human centric and energy efficiency into our solution design.

We further explore into other eco products so as to meet our main objective of promoting green environment, naming a few, smart building system monitoring and optimisation, and IoT control system.

We expanded our solution into indoor air with air conditioning solution system. Backed by our Finnish partner, who is pioneer in energy efficiency for ventilation system, we help to improve indoor air quality and gaining energy efficiency in HVAC system both at once, as well as solve the most head-ache issue, moldy growth in any buildings or premises.

We also collaborate with other green partners in the market to offer greener solution on project basis. Not to mention, we expanded our solution into renewable energy, in particular, solar PV. We partnered with and backed by one of the pioneer player in Malaysia.

To date, we have established dealers and partners in many Asia countries, we are proud to say that we are pioneer green energy solution provider servicing Asia market. We continue to improve and expand our quality solutions, to offer better and greater solution and services to you!


Be a leading company providing high quality and truly green energy system/solution to premises.


  • providing energy environmental concept, protecting the earth, caring our next generation's living environment
  • providing the energy saving solution to buildings
  • increase your profit by reducing energy wastage
  • reduce the CO2 emission for a better and healthier living environment


Our team is very well trained and thus very capable in designing & proposing the precise Green Energy solution to serve different needs of a building.

With our professional service, we now offer:
1. Consultancy services
2. Solution based product / system supply
3. Project Management
4. Operational & Maintenance Support


  • Intelligent Lighting Control Solution
  • Internet of Things (IoT) control system
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design solution
  • Smart building energy monitoring and optimisation solution system
  • Air-conditioning and/or indoor air quality improvement EE solution system
  • Solar PV Solution System


Established since 2009, eco-ezy is established and has been recognized as a solution provider for intelligent lighting control system. We are pioneer in designing lighting control system servicing Asia market with our main office based in Malaysia.

As years progress, we expanded our solutions to smart system monitoring and enhancement, integration of IoT, air-conditioning and/or indoor air quality efficiency improvements and enhancement, as well as renewable energy, solar PV solution.

Common elements are maximum user comfort and minimum energy consumption. At the same time eco-ezy solutions are characterized by high quality, durability and simple installation, commissioning and use.

We call it long-lasting solution design!



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